KARACHI (PR): Siemens Healthineers, a leader in medical technology, enables healthcare providers empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience and digitalizing healthcare. Helping oncologists to make informed decisions, Siemens Healthineers offers a range of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics equipment for women’s health needs, covering areas of Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI and CT scanners.

With October recognized as the breast cancer awareness month globally, Siemens Healthineers in Pakistan collaborated with several medical institutions, hospitals, clinics and NGOs across the country to raise awareness of the disease through a series of workshops. The workshops, open to the public, were conducted by well-known doctors at different locations with the aim to raise awareness of how yearly mammograms and early diagnosis can save lives.

Addressing one of the workshops, Khurram Jameel, MD & CEO Siemens Healthineers Pakistan, said,“ These workshops demonstrate our commitment to society and our resolve to help the women of Pakistan fight this deadly disease through early detection and timely treatment“.