On 05 August, 2019 Indian government revoked special status of IOK by abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A. India snapped internet and phone connections and shut down all Kashmiri television channels. An additional 50,000 Indian troops had been moved into Kashmir to join 750, 000 already deployed there. The organization of Islamic Cooperation held special meeting and condemned Indian brutality and human right violation in Muslim majority state. OIC also highlighted that Kashmir dispute should be Settled as per United nation resolutions.

OIC is well known as the guardian and symbol of unity of Muslim Ummah. Feeling the heat in IOK, it also appointed a special envoy for Kashmir to monitor Indian violence in Indian held Kashmir Valley. However, India has always rejected OIC involvement in IHK Kashmir dispute, and calls the dispute as internal matter. India will look into the matter only with Pakistan, as bilateral discussion.

Furthermore, India never take OIC seriously as it knows well about lack of unity about OIC member countries on Kashmir dispute. India knows that OIC resolution about IOK Kashmir is due to Pakistan stance. No other South Asian country, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan have objected India on its latest move in Kashmir, and they considering it an internal matter.

Only Turkey has assured its full support to Pakistan on Kashmir conflict. Whereas, Malaysia adept moderate approach. Even, UAE ambassador to India Appreciated New Delhi action in IOK as beneficial move for IOK region development . Amid the tension, Moodi visited UAE and Bahrain and awarded with highest civilian awards by both countries. In addition to this, Saudi Arab oil company Aramco signed a deal of worth $75 billion with Indian company named Reliance. Reliance is better known as a major source of funding for ruling BJP.

It is imperative to mentioned that Indian trade with OIC countries stood at $262 billion in which $91 billion worth of export and $172 billion worth import.OIC countries fulfills 80% of Indian oil requirements and in turn India export food items and electronic goods to them. The value of bilateral investment between OIC countries and India is $3.3 billion. Large population of India is working in gulf countries to fulfil their workforce requirement.

Now it is clear that OIC countries have more benefit associated with India than Pakistan. Today, in nation state system, nations only first looks their own political, economical, militarily, and technological interest then speak against human rights violation and suppression.

There are only few countries like Pakistan, specially in OIC countries who stood against extrajudicial killing, rape murder, firing on peaceful protest, burning of home, human right violation and religious suppression and injustice. For many years Pakistan is stand solid and brave for Palestine cause and this act cost Pakistan badly, by making many countries own enemy. Pakistan has highlighted Palestine issue on every forum and Pakistan suffered economic and political isolation. Now question is that, where are the Palestinians? Have any body heard single word of condemnation against Indian massacre and brutal activities? Every body knows that Palestinians are not in a position to help us, but at least they can speak on this issue as they knows better because they are facing same situation.

In this scenario , for Pakistan, it is high time to look around himself, make new friends, not only friends but all weather friends. Pakistan has limited option to communicate Kashmir cause. Although Pakistan have very professional and trained army but gone are the days when national interest achieve through military so It must improve its economy. Only an economically powerful Pakistan can guarantee a better bargain on Kashmir.

Furthermore, an institute of diplomatic studies should be established to train foreign affairs officers for effective diplomacy. Pakistanis authors and writers should be formed to produce material in magazine, Foreign newspaper to aware the people about Indian plight in Kashmir. social can also be used as a tool of information around the globe.

Moreover, Pakistan should establish strong relation with the US and China. US is still super power, and it requires Pakistan assistance in Afghanistan. Afghanistan can be used as leverage to persuade the US to support Kashmir conflict. United nation article 39 deals with threat to international peace and security, so Pakistan can write UN to prevent upcoming nuclear war that can affect security of the region.

International human rights commission, and Amnesty international should be approached with evidence of human rights violation in IOK. Finally, Pakistan must request UN to send peace keeping mission in IOK.