HAFIZABAD-District leader of PML-N and former vice chairman District Council Hafizabad, Rai Qamaruz Zaman Kharl has refuted the corruption allegations against former Federal Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar and declared that she owns the same assets today which she had owned prior to 2008 general elections.

Flanked by other local PML-N leaders including Zulfiqar Ali Chand Bhoon, Rai Javed Kharl and Riaz Tarar, he said that the PTI MNA Ch Shoukat Ali Bhatti during his press conference few days ago had levelled wild allegations against Saira Afzal Tarar and said that no inquiry is lying pending against her with the NAB. He, however, said that during the PML-Q regime, Ch Shoukat Ali Bhatti and his relations had amassed huge wealth which included one hundred acres of land, one plot in Gwadar, three Bungalows in Lahore, one in Murree and dozens of CNG filling stations here and there. Moreover, Bhatti family is habitual of changing loyalty and joined different parties to achieve their selfish motives whereas Ch Afzal Hussain Tarar father of Saira Afzal Tarar has never changed his political party and their past is neat and clean, they added.

Furthermore, they said that during her ten year tenure, she had made tremendous development in the district and upgraded the DHQ Hospital where CT scan machine, established heart care unit, children emergency ward, Trauma Centre etc. provided free of cost medicines particularly to hepatitis patients but contrary to this no medicine is provided in the DHQ hospital free of cost during the PTI rule.

They alleged nepotism and favouritism being made by the local PTI leaders and even sui gas and electricity connection is not provided to a citizen without their phone or chit.

They advised the PTI leaders to desist from levelling false allegations against the Saira Afzal Tarar.