LOS ANGELES-Taylor Swift still draws the stage designs for her own shows.

The ‘You Need To Calm Down’ hitmaker loves the ‘’challenge’’ of putting together the artistic ideas that make up the elements of her huge productions and teased that she is ‘’so intrigued’’ to see how her own upcoming ‘Lover Fest’ extravaganza will turn out.

Taylor - who has always included a moving platform that enables her to fly above her fans at her shows - said: ‘’Reading back on the journal entries, I forgot how obsessed I was with the industry as a teenager.

‘’I was so fascinated by how it works and how it was changing.

‘’I had drawn the stages for most of my tours a year before I went on them.

‘’A lot of people who start out very young in music, either don’t have a say or don’t have the will to do the business side of it, but weirdly that was so much fun for me to try and learn. I had a lot of energy when I was 16!’’

Asked if she is doing the drawings for Lover Fest - which is in support of her latest LP ‘Lover’ - she told Music Week magazine: ‘’Definitely. And that’s why it’s still fun for me to take on a challenge like, ‘Oh, let’s just plan our own festival’. Let’s create a bill of artists and try and make it as fun as possible for the fans. I’m so intrigued by what that’s going to be like.’’