ISLAMABAD          -     JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Tuesday said that victimisation in the name of accountability should be stopped and supremacy of the Parliament should be accepted by all.

Addressing protesters at the sit-in, he stated that they were gathered here for the civil supremacy and fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan. He asked them to keep protesting until they get their ultimate goals. He further said they will not accept the incumbent government.

“We reject all the recommendations for making a Commission and stand firm on our earlier demands,” he added. He said that the government after coming into power had formed a Parliamentary Committee to probe the rigging in elections.

He said no output till now had come of that Committee.

He said that 95 per cent of their polling agents were not given the form 45 which was a pre-planned rigging with the Opposition parties.

He said that the State institutions had no right to abduct or kidnap the citizens of Pakistan,

“Many innocent citizens have been abducted without any proof or evidence and they were missing for many years,” he added.

He said that they have to decide the fate of the protest, adding,nobody had criticised the 2014 dharna of the ruling party.

Lashing out at government’s economic policies, he said that the country was in huge economic crisis due to the incompetence and failed policies of the government.

He claimed for the first time in the history of Pakistan three budgets were presented within one year by the Imran-led government, but still they were not able to achieve their tax goals.

Talking about the foreign policy, he said that one of the best friends of all times China was not happy with Pakistan, adding, Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan were too very frosty which will affect the state of Pakistan in international community.

He said that Iran’s relations with Pakistan were not good and now Iran preferred India over Pakistan and it was all due to the failed foreign policy.

He said that due to bad policies of Pakistani leadership in the past India had stopped the water coming to Pakistan which had greatly affected our agriculture.

He said that provincial independence was a top priority in their party’s manifesto and all the provinces should be given their rights and nobody should be deprived of its basic and fundamental rights.