Rawalpindi   - An annual performance review session of the employees of the university was conducted at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi to discuss the achievements and further planning for quality education under the chair of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Qamar uz Zaman, here on Thursday.

During the review sessions, the vice chancellor said that due to COVID-19, staff remained under stress which disturbed the target achievement. He said that due to COVID-19, education means have changed around the globe. As in person lectures are still the best learning method, but keeping in view the virus threat, the university has successfully conducted its online lectures, he said.

While discussing the performance, he said that the university has successfully achieved the HEC review as many degree programmes have been approved in the meeting. During the virus circulation, the university has attained three mega and many other projects worth billions which shows the credibility and the hard work of the staff, he said.

He exclaimed his satisfaction over the increased publications and projects as compared to the previous year with the initiation of new diplomas in Khushab which would provide an opportunity to the students for new jobs in the industry. He also showed his satisfaction with the encouraging results of performance appraisal of the staff which initiated the university.

In the review, he also discussed the challenges industry and farmer linkages and the quality education which should be the main focus in this year. To improve the industry and farmer’s linkage, he said that he has formulated different teams consisting of faculty and research students who will visit different villages to assist farmers and industry personals.

He said that the student evaluation system should be reviewed and everyone should come up with the new ideas. He further said that for the outcome, we should not only work hard, but to facilitate each other and training culture should prevail, which is neglected in the whole country especially in government departments. COVID-19 not only has given us challenges, but new opportunities also especially in the agriculture sector so we have to work hard to meet the expectations and needs.

At the end, he appreciated the whole staff of the university on their hard work with the direction to submit the plans for next year.