This refers to the prevailing deteriorated system in government institutions. The employments in public sectors are advertised in the paper but the seletion of vacant seats is filled by “sifarish” culture. In Sindh, highly qualified students sit idle in the hope of employment for their whole lives but sifarish culture allows unqualified candidates to get ahead based on nepotism.

This culture consequently sheds negative indicators upon students and society. Sifarish culture also weakens the literacy rate in the province. Students heavily invest their money in getting a higher education, only to realise that it was a waste.

Sifarish culture lessens potential, talent and confidence of students. In sifarish culture, mostly uneducated and less experienced candidates are appointed at prestigious positions. They not only damage an institution`s reputation, but they also fight and take huge bribes from common people. In Sindh, one can see how the corrupt system is prevailing everywhere. Even private employment opportunities are given to sifarshee people which is unbelievable.

Students go in despair when they are not given their due, even after qualifying the whole procedure. I applied in jobs more than 12 times in 2019 for different posts, upon seeing the procedure led by institutions. I went into despair and did not apply in 2020. Youth is not unemployed due to low resources, but because of sifarish culture. The government needs to step up and take action against this destructive culture.