The Punjab government on Friday issued health guidelines for the Tableeghi Ijtima 2020, which will end of Nov 8.

A coronavirus awareness booklet published by Punjab's Primary & Secondary Health Care Department (P&SHD) contains messages and guidelines on washing hands and wearing face masks to prevent the illness from spreading among the Tableeghi Ijtima 2020 participants.

In its coronavirus-related guidelines announced by Punjab Government, it added that:

(I) participants would not be allowed to shake hands or hug and that the gatherings should be held in open spaces.

(ii) Amir Jamaat of the Tableeghi Ijtima 2020 prepare a list of all the people and send it to the coordination committee. It further directed people in the gathering to have a stockpile of face masks.

(iii) organisers have prohibited anyone under the age of 12 and over 55 from attending the event. 

(iv) entry of people from abroad banned

(v)  to observe safety measures, including wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing during the congregation.

Police security plan for Tableeghi Ijtima 2020

The Lahore City Police has carved out a comprehensive security plan for its first phase of the annual event at Raiwind, the deputy inspector-general (DIH) of police for operations, Ashfaq Khan, said. Checking of citizens and vehicles was underway at Lahore's entrance and exit points, while parking arrangements were made separately for the facilitation of everyone coming to attend the Tableeghi Ijtima 2020. Police desks had=ve been set up for any guidance and help at different points of the Raiwind congregation.

A check-up via a three-layer security system will be managed by Lahore Police. Security officials assisted by the event's volunteers in ensuring a complete body search of the participants through metal detectors, electric barriers, and walk-through gates. 

Khan noted that search operations were being conducted at and around the Raiwind congregation on a regular basis to ensure the safety of participants and foil any nefarious designs of any anti-social elements. Police officials in plainclothes have been deputed at the congregation to keep an eye on possible suspects.

The data of citizens and passengers was being checked at houses, hotels, guest houses, bus stops, and railway stations through geo-fencing, biometric verification, and the Hotel Eye application as well.