Our PDM has chosen the protagonists of the movement, the main characters. Maryam Nawaz was lucky to be selected. Indeed, so was Bilawal Bhutto. They form a perfect pair, imagining the political reincarnation of their parents – individually of course, since the two were archenemies.

Perhaps, Bilawal has selected a more sensible political partner than the other way around. Maryam is more mature and she displayed her wisdom in Gujranwala, Karachi and Quetta. 

The three rallies have been eye openers, a new beginning, for those who long for a better political spectacle. 

There is also a play within the play, where Bilawal perhaps propagated the arrest of Mr Safdar before a mid-break, or intermission. It added new flavour to the spices of the ‘11 masala chaat’ as they have been declared. 

For us, in the audience, it remains an intriguing fantasy, wherein we immerse ourselves — the pleasure looting nation that we are. 

Dipping down their talent, they were able to assign a minor role to Hamid Mir as well, where he was entangled with the youngsters, as none of the scheduled leaders could reach the Jinnah Stadium in Gujranwala on time.

Nevertheless, they were able to gather the masses for the spectacle that they were dying for.

They arrived quite late. The Milky Way had arrived to welcome the new actors to plan to act on the stage of humanity. They were received with open arms.

Both protagonists spoke well on the occasion, with right connotations, showing a Promised Land where people would lead their dreams. No sanatorium, this time we plan to build parks and playgrounds on Olympians patterns where sophists would stretch themselves before they encounter each other for a question and answer session.

Meanwhile, one has to follow hygiene habits like staying safe and distant, not necessarily just for the pandemic. We could yet create a society based on better laws that reduces the power distances.

Bilawal reflects BB all of the time, and Maryam resonates Nawaz. She reminds us of when her father utters hard-hitting punches, but softly. She reminds us of her soft-spoken father who represented Pakistan thrice. It is a sheer pleasure and delight to know that his Orange Train has taken her first flight over the weekend.

Let us move forward with youngsters. We need the youth to show the path. Let the smart young stride. Let there be a light that omits through the youth. Those who know how to carry designer dresses and use appropriate apps.

I remember a time where one wouldn’t know the difference between long distance calls and regular calls, where one could not remember simple area codes. One hesitated to take flights because one did not know how to fasten seatbelts.

Who would be with this age band where they can’t even check their own mail or navigate basic routes? For how long are we going to stale ourselves with oldies? 

I don’t want to take names. I just want the youth to step up on the deck – be that a ship deck or a stage where they could echo the dreams of their ancestors in a better way. Being more organised, they can bring a better change in the nation’s life span. 

I remember writing a short poem for Imran Khan in 1992 when he fought for the cup: please don’t confine your capability, for mere sport activity.

I can hardly deny his charisma and his international presence. No one can. He is doing wonders in the things that he can. But we do dream of these two stepping forward to climb up the ladder as successfully and fast as they can.