Considering that Biden has secured the support of 70.5 million voters in comparison to Trump’s 67.2 million, the path to victory seems to be narrowing down for the latter. As such, Trump’s claims to success in the ongoing elections are not only premature but also incorrect considering that the outcome is matching the predictions made earlier. A change in the US leadership is bound to have a domino effect on the entire world. What’s left to wonder is whether its political trajectory will fall in line with Obama’s America or Trump’s.

Given that Biden has already won 243 out of the 270 Electoral College votes, and Trump hangs back at a 214, we can fairly assume that he is on his way out. As such, to see him claim victory, question the results, call for counting to stop midway and threaten to file a lawsuit is allowing for the entire event to become bitter in nature.

However, if or when Biden is able to secure victory, we must pin our focus on what new foreign policy trajectory he takes and which pre-existing ones he continues to move forward with. Any change in leadership within the US is bound to have a global effect by virtue of its status as a global power. Given that China is moving up the ranks, it will be interesting to see how the new President alters ties and secures their country’s ambitions. Similarly, the kind of support extended to India, as well as their dealings in Iran, is worthy of observing as well since it will highlight a direction in which the US will be taken towards for the next four years.

So the matter of whether the US will adopt a new strategy, revert back to an approach similar to Obama’s or maintain Trump’s status quo will only become clearer as time passes and a candidate is officially announced as winner. Until then, we must wait.