I am greatly impressed by the guest General (Retd) Jamshed Ayaz in the 'Good Morning Pakistan' of PTV Global. The General spoke boldly and very spiritedly about our logistic help to US and about the fact of Baitullah Mehsud and Fazlullah being CIA agents. It does not require any documents to prove that because these people are openly creating chaos in our country through suicide bombings at a time when US is also aiming to do the same by bombing inside Pakistani territory. In killing of innocents, including a large number of women and children, they are alike. General (Retd) Ayaz has very clearly pointed out the weak spots in our defence strategy and also proposed stopping of the logistic help to US forthwith till such time that NATO agrees to share information with us and let the Pakistan government and Army do the job. Of course we need to stop these mullahs in FATA from teaching our boys to commit suicide bombings and killing innocent Muslim men, women and children. That can be done in due course of time. I believe the General has spoken the will and determination of the entire Pakistani nation. -ALI SAFDAR, England, via e-mail, September 17.