Recently there was an advertisement by a cell company which told us that it would provide immediate medical advice if we dial 1911. This is a good idea but the catch is that company is catering for people of as many as 14 languages, most of them dormant. By giving life to these dormant languages, the company is trying to promote parochialism in Pakistan so that more division could be caused among the Muslim brothers of this country. If we remember, Quaid-e-Azam had declared Urdu to be the one national language of Pakistan in Dacca in 1947. But if you remember, the local the population had stood up against this statement of our Quaid. Language, eventually, became the principal factor in the separation of East Pakistan and making of Bangladesh. In the western world, the EU has declared English to be the national language of the Union. In ten years time, the new generation of Europe will be talking in English. You can imagine the harmony and unity this will bring among the populations of EU. In due course of time, all other languages of the Union will disappear gradually. They would also have a one, united armed force for the entire Union. My point of writing this letter is that we should be careful of the proven provocateurs that wish to divide us. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, October 3.