Here's a suggestion for chairman CDA; the Kashmir Highway can be linked with Khyaban-e-Suherwardi Road at Fire Brigade Point by constructing a linking patch of road so that internal roads of G-7 sectors, leading to Sitara Market, Melody and Blue Area are also connected with 7th Avenue. These new roads could then be utilized fully by diverting traffic at initial point before rushing to 7th Avenue at its entrance point. That way, unnecessary passing of vehicles at Zero Point can be avoided. As the initial work has already been started at Zero Point for construction of a flyover, the CDA must dig out more than one alternate link road in order to facilitate the commuters, public and private vehicles during the construction period of the flyover. I hope the CDA will pay serious heed to this proposal. -FAYYAZ ANSARI, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 20.