Dr Farid Malik appears to be suffering from Bhutto mania. In his column 'Divergent approaches' (The Nation Sep 26), he has for the umpteenth time tried to raise Bhutto on too high a pedestal. He should read what Dr Mubashar Hasan has written about performance of the PPP government in its dying days, which according to him, was the cause of massive public support to the PNA movement; "insecurity of life and property in cities and highways due to goondaism patronized by the feudal clique of landowners, ministers, bureaucrats and big racketeers; rampant corruption at all levels including the federal and provincial ministers; operation of the judicial machinery in favour of the financially powerful and unscrupulous people and inordinate delay in justice; mismanagement of government enterprises and of the machinery regulating commerce, industry, transportation and communications; complete dissatisfaction of parents with the educational system; the hatred and contempt surging in the middle class against the less educated, insensitive, medievalist and petty minded ministers who were generally devoid of any sense of merit, justice and love of the people; the offensively luxurious style of ministers, capitalists, landlords, traders and high executives of trade and industry; general atmosphere of sycophancy, influence peddling, misuse of office, position and the like.......". -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, October 3.