It was HH vs. HH in New York and one of them was winning all the way. Some thought it was meant to be a Hussein Haroon show since he is Pakistan's permanent rep at the UN and it was President Zardari's first tryst with the UN. However, the glib-talking many times married self-made Hussein Haqqani whose association with the PPP dates back to over a decade when he switched over from Nawaz Sharif to Bibi, managed to overshadow the confirmed bachelor urbane, cigar smoking scion of the Abdullah Haroon dynasty. Haqqani was fully in charge of the Bush-Zardari meeting but crossed over to Haroon's UN turf with the dexterity of an athlete, issuing parallel programmes and orders as if not fully satisfied with Haroon's competence. It was also too much of a coincidence that Haroon who had assumed his post only a few weeks back failed to receive an invitation to the official Iftar party given for the President where Haqqani reigned supreme with the halo of one who has connections with a few US think tanks. It is another matter that Mr. Zardari left staying only a few minutes and without breaking bread with the local jialyas who had come from all over the US to meet their new leader. Haroon of course spent a quiet evening at home watching the televised debate between Obama and McCain and mulling over the issue of being hostage to one's job or not. * * * * * * * * * * * * Former President Musharraf is a free man now and word has it that his new status has jacked up his social life. Last week he was seen at several social events in Islamabad and even flew to Karachi to meet friends and family. He moves with minimal visible security and is the star guest at many social gatherings where his opinion on current affairs is most sought after. Apparently the former President is economical with his opinion and is described to be in the listening rather than in the talking mode. Quite a change from the former highly opinionated person but then as they say he too has lived and learned. * * * * * * * * * * * * It seems that some politicians are undertaking floor-crossing in more ways than one. They are not only poised to switch political parties they have already jumped over from the guest seat to the host seat at a TV chat show. One example is "Miss Articulate", once an ardent Bush-Mush disciple and defender of every move made by the previous government. She consistently faced awkward questions by chat show hosts which probably gave her the idea that if you cannot beat them why not join them. Madame Kashmala has now metamorphosised into an anchor on a private channel. Who is asking the awkward questions now?