LAHORE - After a successful intervention by Punjab Assembly, the Punjab Government has retrieved 6700-kanal state land from 47 officers of revenue department, which had been illegally allotted to them reportedly on the instructions of former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf. This land was meant for the heirs of martyrs and army men who defended the motherland against Indian onslaught during different battles. After being pointed out by a Punjab Assembly member, Muhammad Navid Anjum through assembly question, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered cancellation of the illegal allotments to the revenue officials of the ranks of senior clerk to EDO (Revenue). Principal Secretary to Punjab Governor, Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera is also among the beneficiaries of the illegal allotments that now stand cancelled after the official notification. The said legislator raised this issue in the form of assembly question which was sent to the Board of Revenue for its reply on February 23, 2009. It took Punjab government over a year to correct the wrong, as the BoR cancelled these allotments on March 22, 2010, admitting that the land was actually meant for allotment to the army men for specific purpose. A letter written by Secretary (Colonies) and addressed to all District Officers (Revenue) in Punjab and Managing Director, Cholistan Development Authority on the said date, also states that in case any of the beneficiaries has alienated the land, the sale proceeds be recovered from him and deposited in the Treasury within a period of one month. Punjab Revenue Minister Haji Ishaq told Punjab Assembly on Tuesday that the controversial land had been allotted to the officials by Pakistan Army under its Army Welfare Scheme, who were involved in implementation of the scheme in one way or the other. He also disclosed that the land was allotted to civil officers on the directions of Pervez Musharraf. He further told that the land had now been included in the Army Schedule for the allotment to deserving army men. It is to be noted that PML-N legislator Navid Anjum had submitted his question pertaining to the issue in question in the assembly secretariat after media reports about the illegal allotments. The names of revenue officers / officials who benefited from the Army Welfare Scheme are given below with their designation and place of posting at the time of allotment. Some of them have been promoted and serving at other stations now. Khawar Anjum, (Patwari), (65-Kanal, 11-Marla at Chak No. 6/K. B & 89/D, District Pakpattan. Rana Muhammad Hanif, Senior Clerk, (199-K) at Chak No 66/10-R, Khanewal. Mushtaq Ahmad Anjum (ex-PCS/ BS-19), (200-K), Mauza Zakheera, Tehsil Khanewal. Muhammad Azam Khan (ex-PCSI BS-18), (200-K), Mauza Zakheera, Tehsil Khanewal. Qamar Abbas Sultan, Assistant Director (M&A), BDR. Punjab (200-K), Mauza Zakheera, Tehsil Khanewal. Ghulam Farid Langrial, Director Monitoring. BOR, Punjab (r) (200K), ,Tehsil Khanewal. Malik Muhammad Qasim, HVC to DO(R), Khanewal (100-K), Tehsil Khanewal. Syed Imtiaz Hussein Shah (DMG/ BS-18), 200-K, Tehsil Khanewal. Muhammad Zafar Ali, Tehsildar (100-K), Khanewal, now Tehsildar Mian Channu. Liaqat Ali Javed, Senior Clerk (Colony Clerk (100-K), Tehsil Khanewal. Mr. Muhammad Zahid Ikram (ex-PCS/ BS-17), 200-K, Tehsil Khanewal, now DDO (Reg), Khanewal. Sikandar Ali Bokhari (ex-PCS/ BS-17), 200-K, Tehsil Khanewal, now DDO(R), Burewala. Mr. Muhammad Waseem Akhtar, 1 Patwari Mauza Zakheera, 100-K, Tehsil Khanewal. Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera (DMG/BS-20), 200-K, Mauza Zakheera, Tehsil Khanewal, now Principal Secretary to Governor, Punjab. Muhammad Iqbal, Kanongoo Circle Kacha Khuh, Tehsil Khanewal, 100-K, Mauza Zakheera, Tehsil Khanewal. Mr. Khawar Javaid Anjum, Patwari District Pakpattan, 4K, 9M, District Sahiwal. Syed Najaf Abbas Bokhari (ex-PCS/ BS-18), 200-K, Tehsil RY Khan, now EDO(R), Lodhran. Ashraf Ali Shah, Halqa Patwari Mahka, Tehsil Sadiqabad, 100-K, Mauza Daulatabad, Tehsil Sadiqabad. Malik Muhammad Ramzan (ex-PCS/ BS-17), 200-K in Chak No 503/TDA, Tehsil Kot Addu -now DO(R), Rajanpur. Riaz Ahmad, Head Clerk (Colony) DO(R) Office, Muzaffargarh, 100-K, Mauza Rakh Hamzay Wali, Tehsil Jatoi. Amjad Babar, Superintendent (Colony Branch), BOR, Punjab, 100-K, Mauza Pakh Hamzay Wali, Tehsil Jatoi. Atta-ur-Rehman, PS to Member (Colonies), BOR, Punjab, 100-K, Tehsil Jatoi, Rashid Habib, Assistant (Colony Branch), BOR, Punjab, 100-K, Tehsil Jatoi. Ghulam Sarwar, 100-K, Chak No 137-ML, Tehsil Kot Addu, Patwari, Halqa Mauza Azizabad. Muhammad Ashraf Yousfi (ex-PCS/ BS-18), (i) 100-K, Chak No. 140/ML, Tehsil Kot Addu, (ii) 100-K, Mauza Rakh Hamzay Wali, Tehsil Jatoi - EDO(CD), Muzaffargarh. Ameer Hussein, 100-K, Mauza Sadiqabad, Tehsil Kot Addu , Colony Clerk, DO(R) Office, Muzaffargarh. Muhammad Shahid, 100-K, Mauza Sadiqabad, Tehsil Kot Addu - Colony Clerk, DDO(R) Office, Kot Addu. Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Virk (ex-PCS/ BS-18), 200-K, Chak No. 118/6-R, Tehsil Haroonabad - DO(R), Bahawalnagar (Retd), Dur Muhammad Khan (ex-PCS/ BS-17), 200-K, Chak No. 173/7-P Tehsil Fortabbas - DDO(R), Fortabbas (Retd). Mr. Irshad Mohyuddin (ex-PCS/BS-17), 200-K, Chak No. 118/6-R, Tehsil Haroonabad - DDO(R), Fortabbas, now DO(R), Bahawalnagar, Muhammad Akram, 100-K, Chak No. 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas - Tehsildar Fortabbas. Syed Munawar Hussein Shah, 100-K, Chak No. 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas - Patwari Halqa 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas. Syed Aqib Hussain Shah, 100-K, Chak No. 432/6-R, Tehsil Haroonabad - Head Draftsman, Irrigation Department. Mr. Noor Hussein, 100-K, Chak No. 200/8-R, Tehsil Fortabbas - Qasid, Aiwan-e-Sadar/ Army House. Mr. Mahmood Hussein, 100-K, Chak No. 200/8-R, Tehsil Fortabbas - Naib-Qasid, Aiwan-e-Sadar / Army House. Ghulam Rasool, 100-K, Chak No. 224/8-R, Tehsil Fortabbas - Mali, Aiwan-e-Sadar / Army House. Muhammad Sikandar, 100-K, Chak No. 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas - Civil Cook, Aiwan-e-Sadr / Army House. Muhammad Irshad, 100-K, Chak No. 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas - Sub-Inspector Rangers. Abdul Ahsan, 100-K, Chak No. 295/A/HR, Tehsil Fortabbas - Qasid, Aiwan-e-Sadar / Army House. Bahawalpur: Syed Zahid Hussein Jillani, (ex-PCS/ BS-18), 200-K, Nawaz Abad, Bahawalpur - Ex-DDO(R), Bahawalpur (Under Suspension). Dr Faisel Zahoor (DMG/ BS-18), 200-K, Chak No. 64/DO, Yazman - Ex-DO(R), Bahawalpur, now DS, Schools Education Department. Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq (ex-PCS/BS-17), 200-K, Chak No. 26/DNB, Tehsil Yazman - Ex-DDO(R), Yazman, now DDO(R), Lodhran. Muhammad Akram Bhatti (ex-PCS/BS-17), 200-K, Chak No. 64/DB, Tehsil Yazman, District Bahawalpur - Ex-DDO(R), Yazman, now DDO(R), Khanpur. Amir Karim Khan (ex-PCS/BS-17), 200-K, Chak No. 83/F & 84/F, Tehsil Hasilpur, District Bahawalpur - Ex-DDO(R), Hasilpur, now DDO(R), Depalpur, District Okara. 6) Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Gill, 200-K, Nawazabad, Bahawalpur - Project Director, OFWM, Bahawalpur. Mr. Muhammad Amjad, 100-K, Chak No. 162/M, Tehsil Hasilpur - Ex-Colony Clerk, Bahawalpur. Mr. Muzaffar Alam, 100-K, Chak No. 64/DO, Tehsil Yazman - Patwari, Tehsil Yazman.