ISLAMABAD Energy shortfall at present has reached 3,330 megawatt as the Hydel power generation has decreased and there is one more reason that the demand has increased these days. As per an official statement of Ministry of Water and Power, presently the demand for electricity is 15,796 MW against its generation of 12,466 MW. For some previous weeks, the demand of energy was ranging between 13,000-14,000 MW. Hydel power generation at present has decreased to 5,661 MW that was standing at more than 6,500 MW a few days back. Independent Power Producers are adding 4,823 MW in the national grid. WAPDA thermal are producing 1,920 megawatt these days. The main reason behind the increasing gap is decrease in hydel generation and increase in energy demand. The masses living in rural and remote areas are the most sufferers at moment as they rarely see electricity in 24 hours. The residents of Islamabad are the least sufferers at the moment as they are facing few hours loadshedding on the cost of miserable life of masses living in rural areas of the country. The people living in small cities are also in a very miserable condition. As per the official statement, the inflow in the dams is decreasing now. Tarbela Dam that had attained its maximum water conservation level of 1,550 feet that is now coming down. At present the inflow in the dam is 53,100 cusecs whereas the water being released is 61,000 cusecs. Mangla Dams water level has also come down to 1,201 feet from 1,206 feet few days back. It is pertinent to mention here that water cannot be released from dams just to generate electricity because the primary purpose of dams is to serve agriculture sector of the country. So when the agricultural needs would be fulfilled, the hydel power generation would come down more so the shortfall would increase. It is pertinent to mention here that no significant addition in the energy generation was expected in near future. As per an official, power shortfall figure is just dependent on increasing and decreasing energy demand but the generation is not increasing. One thousand seven hundred megawatt were added in the system in two years as claimed by the government but that is not enough to meet future demands.