ISLAMABAD Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary on Tuesday during the proceeding of a promotion case of women ASIs in FIA observed that discrimination on the basis of gender is not permissible. Heading a two-member bench of the apex court that was hearing a petition of female ASIs in Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Chief Justice said: Discrimination on the basis of sex is not permissible as it is the violation of Articles 22, 25 and 38 of 1973 Constitution. About nine female ASIs, who were deprived of promotion into next grade, have filed the petition. Talking to TheNation outside the courtroom, the ASIs said that they joined FIA in 2002 and till 2007 there was only one list of male and female officers. They said that in 2008 the FIAs high command separated the list of male and female ASIs and promoted only males. The Chief Justice asked the Director (Legal) FIA, Why did you not treat ladies in your department at par with the male officers? He remarked that the female ASIs appointments were made on the recommendations of the selection committee of FIA. The CJ inquired as the ladies were in the same cadre, then what was the problem to elevate males and not females. Director Legal (FIA) Azam Khan informed the court that the government had sanctioned these posts only for the ladies ASI Immigration in order to keep them in the mainstream. He said that in FIA there was no discrimination between men and women. Hafiz S A Rehman said that there was discrimination as only males were promoted. He said that women have the same capabilities as of men, and they were serving in army, flying aeroplanes, performing duties in police and playing a leading role in almost all fields of life. Azam Khan requested the court to give him some time to file reply as he appeared before the bench Tuesday in other cases and did not know about this case. The Chief Justice granting him time adjourned the hearing till October 8.