KARACHI (PPI) - Dr. Marco Pintus, outgoing Italian Trade Commissioner in Pakistan and Antonio Avallone, incoming Italian Trade Commissioner to Pakistan, visited FPCCI, met Sultan A. Chawla President FPCCI and discussed matters related to bilateral trade and investment. The meeting was also attended by M Mansha Churra, Zakariya Usman and Mumtaz Ali Sheikh, VPs FPCCI and other Executive Committee members of FPCCI. Sultan Ahmed Chawla President FPCCI welcomed the incoming Trade Commissioner of Italy to Pakistan and thanked him for visiting FPCCI. He appreciated the contributions made by Mr. Pintus for enhancing bilateral relationships as well as Pakistan EC Trade relationship. Mr. Chawla said that Italy enjoyed cordial relationship with the Pakistani business Community and there will be continuity to the earlier policies. It is expected that Mr. Avallone will interact more frequently with FPCCI for enhancing bilateral trade and facilitating the business community especially attending to genuine Visa requests. Zakariya Usman, VP emphasized the need for facilitating the SMEs of Pakistan. Avallone said he carried very rich experience of trade promotion and will supplement the efforts made by Pintus. He said he will make a country presentation in Italy to remove the inhibitions, enabling the Italian businessmen to have a softer image of Pakistan and reiterated that he will regularly interact with FPCCI.