ISLAMABAD Kashmiris held a peaceful demonstration near the venue of ASEAN-EU Heads of State Summit in Brussels. According to details, a peaceful protest on the occasion of the Summit at Brussels was held against the Indian intransigence on Kashmir issue of self-determination and about recent unlawful killings of 118 innocent and unarmed Kashmiri youths who were engaged in peaceful demonstrations against the illegal occupation by India. Hundred of Kashmiris and their supporters and sympathisers participated in the protest, chanting slogans and demanding the end of the Indian occupation & state terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Addressing the crowd of demonstrators, Barrister Tramboo expressed his anguish and anger on the continued occupation and denial of the Kashmiris right of self-determination. He also referred to the deteriorating gross human rights violations in IOK. He termed the recent gross human right violations as Indian terrorism in IOK. He analysed that the first eight months of 2010 and in particular last four months is no exception to this practice. Analysts are at a loss to understand why India continues its reign of terror upon Jammu & Kashmir. It is widely acknowledged that the Kashmir issue continues to represent a serious risk of escalating conflict in the region and the wider world. Referring to round the clock curfew, which has now lasted for nearly 18 weeks, Kashmiris are refused movement even to buy milk, vegetables and other essentials from stores. President Advisory Council to Kashmir Centre EU Raja Zaheer Ahmed deplored Indian military occupation in IOK. Secretary General Advisory Council to Kashmir-Centre EU Sardar Javaid Sarwar highlighted gross human rights violations in IOK perpetrated by the Indian forces. President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Youth wing Mehar Ali Sufdur declared that his party is committed to the Kashmir cause. Coordinator of Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference (Europe) Raja Tasavar Hyatt expressed grief and anguish at the gross human rights violations in IOK. President of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Europe) Mirza Shabir Ahmed insisted on the inclusion of the Kashmiri leadership in any ensuing negotiation. Coordinator of People Muslim League Chaudhry Naseer declared that his leadership would continue to highlight the Kashmir issue nationally and internationally. A Memorandum was then presented to the His Excellency Herman Van Rompuy, ASEM 8 Chair & President of the European Council, the text of which is as follows: His Excellency Herman Van Rompuy, ASEM 8 Chair & President of the European Council. On this day, ASEM 8 Summit, we, the True Representatives of the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir, expatriates and our sympathisers, wish the people of India well but we want them to know that the people of Kashmir also wish to exercise their right to self-determination. Therefore; Recalling all of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council for upholding the right to self- determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir; Recalling the report adopted by the European Parliament on 24 May 2007 in which the European Parliament upheld the Kashmiris right to self-determination; Recalling the resolution of the European Parliament (10 July 2008) calling upon the Government of India to urgently ensure and independent and impartial investigation into all suspected sites of mass graves discovered in Indian occupied Kashmir; Rejecting any negotiations on the future of Jammu and Kashmir under the framework of the Indian constitution; Deploring the unabated serious crimes, atrocities, massacres, extra-judicial killings, custodial deaths, reprisal killings,fake encounters, arbitrary detentions, torture, destruction of houses, shops and villages, and rape as instruments of suppression by the Indian Government through its military, paramilitary forces and mercenaries; Deploring the imposition of restrictions on the freedom of movement on the Kashmiri leadership (inside and outside) in particular the Diaspora leadership, the protesters demanded seven-point resolution from the excellency to influence, through the good offices of ASEAN and the European Union, the Prime Minister of India. First, to implement the United Nations Security Council resolutions on the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Second, to uphold the European Parliaments resolution on mass graves in Kashmir. Third, to put an end to its state terrorism, genocide repression, ethnic cleansing; rape and gang-rape, torture, and degrading treatment of Kashmiri men, women and children. Fourth, to withdraw the occupational forces from the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Fifth, to release all political prisoners and detainees. Sixth, to ensure that the Kashmiri expatriate leadership can travel to Jammu and Kashmir, and Seventh, to allow access to major human rights NGOs and humanitarian organisations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.