ISLAMABAD Without issuance of any price notification from Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Liquefied Petroleum Gas marketing companies have reportedly increased LPG prices on their own, which would further add miseries to the consumers of remote areas. Chairman All Pakistan LPG Distributor Association, Irafn Khokar has requested the government to cancel the LPG extraction contract signed between Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited and Sui Southern Gas Company which have manipulated the market as cartelisation and unending price increase has become common practice. He further blamed that LPG marketing companies have allotted quotas to influential only to maximise interests. He urged the government to devise an obvious mechanism for import of LPG to end their blackmailing and hegemony in LPG sector. Irfan Khokar while talking to TheNation informed, LPG marketing companies without the permission of OGRA, have increased LPG rate at Rs 7 per kg which would be Rs 80 per Dom Cylinder, so for per common cylinder it would be at Rs 320. So government should cancel their licences and revise LPG quota to end the misery of the people of remote areas. It is relevant to mention that Convener National Assembly Sub Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources Berjis Tahir has conducted an inquiry to investigate the agreement between JJVL and SSGC, which is said to be presented in next NA Standing Committees meeting. Further, NA Sub Committee is scheduled to meet today only to hear the version of JJVL, SSGC, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and Chairman OGRA before reaching any final conclusion. It is important to note that National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources has already taken up LPG extraction contract on its agenda and has called a meeting on October 12-13. This agreement is said to have more surprising clauses simply to benefit JJVL. However, according to the agreement, this agreement shall commence and be effective on the date hereof, and shall, unless terminated earlier in accordance with its terms continue, be in full force and effect until the validity of Gas Sales Agreement (GSA), which is currently valid up to the 3rd of February 2011. It is agreed that the agreement shall continue on the same terms and conditions for any extension of the GSA beyond 3rd of February 2011.