ISLAMABAD Following the controversy over the clandestine approval of amendment in the NAB Ordinance by President Asif Ali Zardari devolving NAB Chairmans powers to the Ministry of Law, the process of appointment of new NAB Chairman is derailed with further increasing the already existing trust deficit between the government and the opposition. A week ago the process of consultation between the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition was initiated to fill the vacant slot of NAB Chairman but the process came to a sudden halt after a secret attempt to amend the NAB Ordinance, through a Presidential Ordinance, was made to favour the rulers. Sources aware of the development informed TheNation that last time Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Syed Naveed Qamar and Advisor to PM Senator Raza Rabbani had held a detailed meeting with Leader of Opposition Ch. Nisar regarding the appointment of new NAB Chairman but Nisar had not suggested any name and simply said that the person to be appointed for the post should be apolitical and of impeccable professional standing. But since then there has been no word from the government regarding the finalisation of a candidate for the post and in this connection the Leader of Opposition was not approached again for consultation on some other name. Nisar had earlier rejected two names proposed by the PM on the plea that both the proposed retired judges of the superior judiciary were having the PPP background and one of them was elected MPA from Sindh on PPP ticket. The sources further said that later the matter was resolved after the meeting of Naveed Qamar and Rabbani with Nisar Ali in which the latter was assured by PPP central leaders that they would appoint some neutral and man of integrity on the slot. Nisar said that in that case he would give approval without any delay. But the whole exercise was spoiled by the clandestine attempt to make changes in the NAB Ordinance to delegate NAB powers of dealing with the corruption references to the Ministry of Law. The sources further said that the move had caused much damage to the otherwise upright and generally acceptable Prime Minister Gilani, who according to the sources, was not aware of the whole exercise but due to pressure from the partys top man was keeping mum. Although the apex court had given another 10 days to the government for the appointment of new Chairman NAB when the court was informed by the Attorney General that they were looking for a suitable person for the post. But the way things are unfolding the chances of appointment of new Chairman NAB seems bleak, as the Leader of Opposition was not taken on board so far in this case.