NATO Secretary General Rasmussens brazen admittance that the helicopter gunships attack on Pakistans territory was deliberately carried out shows how lightly the invaders of Afghanistan regard our sovereignty. The remark that he made in a meeting with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was also intended to convey the message that NATO forces equate Pakistans territory with the killing fields of Afghanistan. The barefaced impudence with which he made the statement also points to Americas sinister plan to extend the Afghan war into Pakistan. If the Secretary General has himself stated that the attacks were deliberate, it is clear that his offer of carrying out a joint investigation is nothing but absolute nonsense meant to further confuse the Pakistani nation. If he had an iota of shame, he would have tendered an apology straightaway. What is even more alarming is that the footage of the cross-border attack shows the helicopters opening fire on Pakistani troops despite having full knowledge that the targets were not militants but members of the Pakistan Army. This outrageous act should convince the government that it is high time the option of bringing down drones and helicopters, which venture into Pakistans airspace, was exercised. At the same time Mr Rasmussens helplessness over the embargo on NATO supplies was also visible. Fully aware that the blockade would entail an unenviable situation for the occupation forces as they suffer from shortage of oil and ration to military equipment, the Secretary General could not help but urge Mr Qureshi to reopen the route as soon as possible. The Foreign Ministers body language and the tenor of his conversation with the NATO chief was firm this time around. Stressing the point that ISAFs mandate was only within Afghanistan, he plainly refused to open the route. His reply that the public sentiment prevents the government from lifting the ban is true, as two more tankers have been torched in Kalat on Monday. The sticky wicket troubling the US has elicited apt criticism not only by an eminent US author who stated that Obamas Pakistans policy was 'going up in smoke, but also by some of the countries within NATO itself. These nations, which include Germany and France, have expressed dissatisfaction over the US war strategy. There is no doubt that the American hubris of believing in brute force even with its allies would cause more trouble in the days to come. The sooner it leaves the region, and gives up its disastrous policy of destabilising Pakistan, the better it would be for peace in the region.