LONDON Former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf has said that the West blames Pakistan for everything while nobody asks Indians why did they arm themselves with a nuclear weapon and continue killing of innocent civilians in Kashmir? 'Nobody was bothered that Pakistan got split in 1971 because of Indias military backing for Bangladesh, he maintained. In an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Musharraf said that Pakistan trained militant underground groups to fight against India in Kashmir. 'The West was ignoring the UN resolution on Kashmir issue, which is the core issue of Pakistan. We expected the West - especially the US and important countries like Germany - to resolve the Kashmir issue. Has Germany done that, he questioned. Musharraf charged the international community of courting India for strategic deals, while treating Pakistan as a 'rogue State. To a question that Pakistanis have been left bewildered by the incompetence of the government led by President Asif Ali Zardari in dealing with the consequences of the disastrous floods, do you expect another military coup soon, he replied: 'Whenever the country is in turmoil, everybody looks to the Army. But I would suggest that the times of military coups in Pakistan are over. The latest political developments have shown that the Supreme Court has set a bar on itself not to validate a military takeover. When asked about the current crisis in Pakistan, he said:I do not want to comment on the present government, but everybody can see what they are doing. Pakistan is experiencing a deep economic decline-in other areas, as well. Law and order is in jeopardy, extremism is on the rise and there is political turmoil. 'The non-performance of an elected government is the issue, he added. While replying to a question about the present Army chief, he remarked:I made him the COAS because I thought that he was the best man for the job. He slammed the international community, particularly the West, for persistently ignoring the Kashmir issue, and for singling out Pakistan for all blames. 'They were indeed formed. The government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir. Answering a question on dangers on homecoming, he said, 'no risk, no gain. 'We unfortunately have a culture of vendetta and vindictiveness in Pakistan. But there is no case of corruption or fraud or anything against me at the moment. My political opponents, especially Nawaz Sharif, would love to create a case against me that I am corrupt or have committed fraud or some such. They do their best to achieve that, but they havent succeeded, he added. 'Even if they did, I would reply in court. Risks need to be taken, he added. Rejecting claim by Dr Abdul Qadeer that the Pakistani Army monitored and organised deals with countries like North Korea and Iran, he said: 'That is wrong, absolutely wrong. Mr Khan is a characterless man.