Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has not just backed an anti-federal government resolution by the Balochistan Assembly, but has also complained of the federal cut in development funding, and accused Islamabad of not being serious in solving problems. This is a very serious charge emanating not only from the head of government of the countrys largest province against the federal government, but also his choosing the provincial assembly to make it, and the fact that his party being the same as that leading the federal coalition. Not just that, but the head of that party, Asif Zardari, first apologised to the people of the province and then announced an Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan package. Mr Raisanis statement should not be seen as a party rebellion, but an attempt to stay in line with the sentiments prevailing in the province. This is perhaps the reason why government ministers spoke in favour of the resolution, and they blamed Sindhi landlords for breaching canals to save their lands during the recent monsoon flooding, and thereby flooding parts of Balochistan. However, Islamabad should also pay attention and realise that the package has earned it no gratitude. It is also worth noting that though the problem was in road construction, Mr Raisani spoke about the Baloch need of education, and thus indicated, though only partially, the real root of the problem: Balochistans desire to take part in the mainstream of national development, which would only be possible if its people are educated enough. It is for the federal government to realize that there will be a negative impact of its cutting of development funds, and things have come to a pretty pass where ministers from a government it formed start demanding a cut in the salaries of the President, MNAs, MPAs, and all officers above Grade 18, to meet flood expenses. Balochistan must be as well governed as the rest of the country. If that means heeding the voices heard in the Balochistan Assembly on Monday about how federal expenses can be controlled, it must be done.