ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal minister for Food and Agriculture, Nazar M Gondal proposed on Tuesday that the support price of wheat should be increased from Rs. 950 to Rs. 1000 per 40 kg as the prices of inputs like fertilizers etc have increased in comparison to the last years prices. The minister was chairing the meeting of the Task Force on Agriculture here at the ministry. The per acre cost of production has increased and there would no attraction for the farmers in sowing wheat if we continue with the last years support price. The calculation made by the Agriculture Policy Institute (API) suggest that we must increase the support price to offer some incentives in the form of guaranteed procurement prices to encourage the farmers to grow wheat. Maintaining Food Security is the prime responsibility of the government and it has become a challenge after the recent devastating floods, the minister said. Gondal said that it is the considered opinion of the Task Force on Agriculture that the support price of the wheat must be increased. He further said that the poor farmers need to be supported in the aftermath of the floods to secure food security for the coming years. The indicative price for rice was pended for the time being as the commodity is getting good prices in the open market. The minister added the ministry is in consultation with all the provinces to finalize a relief package for the flood affected areas of the country. He said the total amount for the package could amount to Rs. 15b and the federal govt would chip in 50 per cent while the remaining 50pc will be contributed by the provinces. The meeting was attended by Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, minister for Industries and Production Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani nad representatives from Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Food and agriculture. The planning commission was asked to devise a comprehensive plan to ensure that farmers across the board get the announced support price of wheat.