LAHORE - The New Billing System introduced in the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) with an estimated cost of Rs 50 million has proved a futile exercise as consumers are still getting their bills just one or two days before the deadline. According to the sources, no less than 50,000 bills are still pending in the system due to the negligence of SNGPL staff. The private bill distributors of company believed that the new billing system has failed. Therefore, the new billing process will be carried out in winter season through a combination of old and new systems. Sources further revealed that the Pak Army has refused to receive the bills from the distributors due to unnecessary delay, Pakistan Railways has also warned the SNGPL management in this regard. According to the rules and regulations, the company is bound to send the bills to the consumers 14 days before the deadline. However, the distributors said that after the introduction of new billing system in December 2009, the issuance of bills is being delayed due to various reasons. About one year ago, the IT Department of the SNGPL had introduced American-made Customer Care and Billing System in order to meet the demands of the consumers according to the international standards.