KARACHI - The sugar crisis is feared to deepen further in coming days, as the retail price of the commodity would reach Rs 85 per kg, analysts and experts told TheNation on Tuesday. The government has imported the sugar from Malaysia, Indonesia and India at a high price, said Haji Abdul Rehman, a wholesale sugar dealer. He said that the current sugar prices in the international market are around $720 per metric ton and its landed cost for Pakistan is about Rs 73 per kg after adding transportation cost and sales tax. The prices in the international market are on the increasing side and in a few days it enhanced by $20 per metric ton. It is pertinent to mention here that presently sugar is available at around Rs 75 to 77 per kg in Karachis retail markets, however, it is available at Rs 55 per kg at Utility Stores Corporation outlets but not in a sufficient quantity to fulfil the public demand. While anticipating a further rise in sugar price and make profit, many retailers have stopped selling sugar on the pretext that their stocks had exhausted. The common people in the metropolis expressed that despite the governments tall claims of controlling the sugar price, it continued its upward journey. They said that the price hike of sugar has brought more worries for the masses instead of providing some relief. A whole sale dealer of the sweetener at Jodia Bazzar on the condition of anonymity, informed that the federal and provincial government, instead of taking notice of the price hike, are taking food inflation issue lightly as they are more interested in resolving NRO and other political issues which are not as much related to the common people.