PESHAWAR - KPK Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has described the increase of political activities in Fata a positive development towards mainstreaming the area, saying that the government will encourage all constructive steps from any political force in this regard.

Commenting on the keen interest of certain political circles in streamlining their political influence in Fata, the governor said that the credit indeed went to President Zardar who enforced Political Parties Order in Fata. People of the entire country especially Fata will always remember this bold and wisdom-based initiative of the president with great regards and thanks, he added.

Referring to the move of a particular political party for arranging a rally in South Waziristan, the governor said it is also a welcoming sign to engage the people of Fata in positive political activities. However, he said, things need to be considered and judged in line with ground realities which beyond doubt demand extra care on the part of all concerned. The administration of the South Waziristan Agency, he added, is very much conscious of its responsibilities and will never disappoint while fulfilling its responsibilities in this respect.

He said that it was because of the consistent and continuous efforts of the present government to ensure peace in Fata and the peace that prevailed was the result of great and supreme sacrifices by security forces of Pakistan and that of the people of Fata. Therefore, it would only be in the interest of democracy and people of Fata that success so far achieved in this regard must be safeguarded at all cost, he added. “Any political activity in Fata is welcomed, however it is also important that we should not provide any opportunity to the negative elements to exploit the situation by sabotaging such activities and taking measures which may endanger life and property of all Pakistanis,” he further added. “Still normal activities mindful of such apprehensions will be welcomed,” he said. He said that he was grateful to all political parties of Pakistan who had so far organised political activities in close coordination with local administration to ensure that any ugly incident might be prevented.

The governor also condemned the drone attacks and said that continuous drone attacks in Fata, despite their clear opposition, have been constantly causing unrest and provocation in the area and there was a need to stop the process forthwith. He further said that government had already successfully convinced to international community about the negative consequences of drone attacks and that realisation at the moment found great support to achieve that objective.