ISLAMABAD – Islamabad police, managed to maintain law and order on Friday by taking adequate security measures as hundreds of seminary students reached Islamabad to protest against blasphemous film.

Keeping in view expected crowed of people in the federal capital, Islamabad capital territory sealed the Red Zone and appointed heavy contingent of police. However, no clashes were reported on Friday as protesters remained peaceful.

The protesters reiterated their demand to hang the producer of blasphemous film and dispersed peacefully in the afternoon.

The film has sparked a wave of furious protests outside US Embassy and other American symbols in at least 20 countries. The whole legal community staged a strong protest over the blasphemous movie recently released by an Israeli-US citizen which badly affected the feelings of Muslim community throughout the world by showing them ill-mannered and immoral here on Saturday. The protesters including seminaries expressed their grave concern over the movie and termed it like a heinous step to destabilise the world peace.