KARACHI - Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Muhammad Haroon Agar urged foreign business persons and investors from friendly countries to invest in Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion of meetings with foreign delegations at Expo Pakistan 2012 in Karachi Expo Centre, he highlighted the real and true potential of Pakistan with all its strengths. He asserted upon the need to develop trade with the friendly country and raised strong voice for market access to Pakistan in the markets of America, European Union, Asia and Africa. He also signed Memorandum of Understanding with President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA and Deputy President of Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia for mutual cooperation to enhance bilateral trade and extend facilitation to members of respective chambers. President KCCI emphasised upon frequent and meaningful interaction between the Pakistan’s Commercial Sections abroad and Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Haroon Agar highlighted immense opportunities to invest in Pakistan in the sectors of textiles, energy, agricultural value added, engineering, pharmaceutical and healthcare, fruits, rice, vegetables, sports and surgical goods and Halal food.He motivated foreign investors to explore the possibilities of joint ventures. He also proposed to President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA & Deputy President of Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia to form joint chambers with KCCI. President KCCI articulated that Pakistan is a land of endless opportunities having immense natural resources. Pakistan is located at the gate of world’s major trade routes like China, India, Iran, Middle East, Central Asian countries where interested countries can re-export from Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has a very liberal investment policy with agreements of investment protection and avoidance of double taxation with more than 50 countries of the world. Haroon Agar also invited foreign delegates to participate in KCCI annual “My-Karachi, Oasis of Harmony” Exhibition scheduled to be held in July 2013.He assured the foreign delegates Karachi Chamber’s best support and cooperation for match-making with their Pakistan counterparts, particularly KCCI members.