LAHORE – A woman has approached the family court for dissolution of marriage because her husband did not allow the use of mobile phone.

Muqadas Waheed, a resident of Bank Colony in Samanabad, filed the suit of dissolution of marriage and submitted that she married Ali Bhatti, a resident of Allama Iqbal Town, one year ago. She alleged in the suit that since the day of marriage, the behaviour of her husband was harsh.

In reply to the suit, Ali Bhatti said he fulfilled all wishes of his wife after the marriage but she did not reciprocate. “I only stopped my wife from excessive use of mobile phone and visit to her parents’ house,” he clarified.

Bhatti pointed out that his wife’s father and relatives were hurling life threats at him. He requested the court not to accept the suit of dissolution of marriage since he loved his wife. Family Judge Muhammad Aslam has summoned the two parties on October 10.