Past 65 years of Pakistan’s history shows that periods of army rule and civilian rule alternated with calls of more and more democracy and martial laws. People distributed sweetmeats with every change. So-called democratic governments got dismissed with similar charges of corruption and bad governance. Dictators planned to wear a thin veneer of democracy by collating with political parties and civil government with 2/3rd majority ruled like dictators disliking opposition. The hallow of kingship that we inherited at independence has never lost its lustre and always hung around necks of rulers that behaved like dynasty of historic rulers of Islam with absolute powers. The condition of masses kept on deteriorating with each tenure of government. We saw rulers in the government of Amir-ul-Momineen and proverbial “gurus” with pir like charismas. The people are treated like flocks of sheep and goats to be headed for vote gathering with promises of better life for them that ends in a mirage later on with poverty level increasing each time. Unless and until we return to pristine purity of Islam of Khulfa-i-Rashideen there appears to be no hope for the nation to stand as a beacon of hope for the masses.

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti,

Lahore, October, 5.