ISLAMABAD - MQM Deputy Convener and Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr. Farooq Sattar on Friday appealed to the Supreme Court (SC) to review the decision about disallowing dual nationality holders from becoming members of parliament (MP).“This matter ought to be referred to the parliament. Barring the dual nationality holder from democratic process is not good for the future of the country,” Sattar said while addressing a hurriedly called press conference here.It is relevant to mention here that the court has recently declared dual nationality holders disqualified from being elected as members of the parliament.He also appealed that this matter should not be considered as a point of confrontation between the two state institutions.The MQM leader said that our overseas Pakistanis were contributing a sizeable amount of over 12 billion dollars in terms of remittance to Pakistan. “They are sharing a huge chunk which can not be ignored in the given circumstance,” he said adding that these overseas Pakistan had helped the country in natural calamities (earthquakes and floods).“If you want to see their patriotic emotions with Pakistan then see how they celebrate 14th August abroad with their own expenditures,” he added.To a question, he said that MQM has also contacted with opposition parties on this matter. “This is the matter of principle,” he said adding that though PML-Q, PML-N and MQM members had affected by this decision yet MQM was talking about principles.To yet another question, he said that other countries are allowing their citizens to contest election if they had dual nationality. He also quoted the examples of Saeeda Warsi, Lord Nazir and others.