ISLAMABAD - Pursuing its heinous agenda in the garb of playing fair, Pak Arab Refinery Ltd (Parco) is out to follow a highly devilish plan in Pakistan, in the guise of deregulation of the price of High Octane Blended Component (HOBC) as it has declined to act upon the instructions of Ogra and made the product dearer by Rs4.41/litre instead of reducing the price by Rs3.50/litre for the ongoing week.Sources in Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MP&NR) informed TheNation that the Parco oil refinery had the audacity to make Ogra instructions a laughing stock by planning evil conspiracies to stress the already pressed consumers of HOBC as it has jacked up the price of high octane blended component by Rs 4.41/litre which was likely to go down by Rs3.50/litre from 1st October owing to complete deregulation of the price of the product.  They said though the imposed charges of inland freight equalisation margin (IFEM) has been revoked on 1st October yet Parco has now allegedly increased the ex refinery price of HOBC by Rs 4.41/litre ostensibly in the name of transportation cost of the product. Alarmed with the situation and resolving to take the criminal culprits at Parco to task, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority entrusted with the responsible task of monitoring the affairs of petroleum and natural resources has taken serious notice of this illegal act of the refinery and advised it to immediately give a reduction in per litre price of the HOBC by Rs3.50/liter, which was on 30th September level. However, Parco has so far refused to follow the orders of the regulatory authority as no cut in the price of the product has been made till the filing of this news item. Parco is the sole producer of HOBC in the country and all oil-marketing companies have to follow the price of the product being set by Parco oil refinery. With a strong exception taken by Ogra, it is very much indeed hoped that the criminal foil of Parco would be laid to rest and its evil designs be sabotaged, all but within a jiffy.Sources also told that Parco oil refinery while responding to the instruction of Ogra in a written letter has adopted a stand that if any oil marketing company transport the HOBC from Karachi to Muzaffargarh then it will have to pay some Rs 4.41/litre as freight charges so it is the right of the refinery to charge it after complete deregulation of the price of the product. Sources in the regulatory authority when contacted said that currently Parco has set Rs95.58 the ex-refinery price of HOBC contrary to the advice of Ogra because the regulator had advised to set it in the tune of Rs91.57/litre for only upcoming week. They also confided that Ogra in a letter to the MP&NR had asked to intervene and sensitively look into the affair of public interest in a bid to get reduce the price of HOBC by Rs3.50/litre. They also said that per liter price of the product was expected to witness a decrease by Rs3.50/litre from 1st October except Karachi city where price was to go up by only 36paisa/litre for upcoming week owing to the imposition of weekly price review mechanism of petroleum products.It is, however, testimony of the fact that 60 paisa per liter was being charged from the consumers to pay transportation charges to the refinery in accordance with the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved Petroleum Policy. Similarly, as Parco is producing HOBC by refining the crude oil which is being transported through a pipeline so the refinery is not authorised to double charge the consumers by Rs4.41/litre under the same head transportation charges. Further, Parco is not authorised to charge a single penny to the consumers under head transportation charges prior to the approval of the ECC.It is suggested that companies like Parco must be constantly monitored so that any foul play on their part could be dealt with an iron fist.