LAHORE – Like the other parts of the globe, the World Teachers Day was observed in the Provincial Capital with great fervour and zeal on Friday.

The day is aimed at sensitising the youngsters about the respect of teachers and highlighting the issues they face while dispensing knowledge in the society.

The day is observed on October 5 every year. The teacher community along with participants from all walks of life organised several functions in the City.

Addressing a function in connection with the day, Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said education was only meant for take degrees but it to learn that how to live life in order to make the society an exemplary. He said teachers had great role in making good society.

The governor said a teacher was important person of the society. He said progress was not possible without education. He said prosperity of the nations was also linked with the respect of the teachers. He said education had become necessary after the 18th Amendment of the Constitution. He said it was regrettable that about 40 per cent students were out of school. He lamented that only five per cent students were studying in higher education.

Meanwhile, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi organised a function at the Children Library Complex in connection with the day.

On the occasion, the speakers were of the view that the teachers’ community must persuade politicians to make education their top priority and make it their slogan for the upcoming elections. The teachers unions must play their vital role in mobilising teachers and transforming the fate of the country.

Director programmes Dr Baela Raza Jamil said the demand for quality teachers was very high but were in short supply across the country. She said the learning level of students in public as well as private schools in rural parts of the country were abysmally low and there was a big room for improvement.

Referring to the ASER survey 2011 report, she said, some 40 per cent classes were offering multi-grade education and stressed that all classes should be separated by improving classrooms and teachers’ strength.

Ali Institute of Education Director Dr Shahid Majeed said the teachers’ status needed to be upgraded by offering lucrative salaries as this measure alone could make teaching a “choice profession.” “If government can give double salary to motorway police, why it cannot give double salary to teachers,” he asked. He said the teachers should also exercise a freedom to teach his children on the basis of curriculum instead of rigidly following textbooks.

Punjab Teachers Union central general secretary Taj Haider said political interference in schools and education sector should be done away with.

Meanwhile, teachers in public sector schools had observed “World Teachers Day” as “Black Day” in order to record their concerns against the Punjab government discriminatory conduct regarding teachers’ service structure. In this connection a meeting was held in Govt Muslim High School wherein public sector schoolteachers criticised the government policies about education.

They were wearing black ribbons on their arms during meeting and said that teachers were facing more problems in Punjab regarding service structure as they were not been promoted in accordance to service timelines and many of them got retired in 18th scale who should have been retired in the 20th scale.