KARACHI - Agha Khan University Examination Board on Friday announced the results of its September examination session for secondary and higher secondary certificates. The results were announced within 17 days of the exams being held between September 12 and 18 highlighting the efficiency of AKU-EB’s e-marking system. The timing of the results provides candidates the opportunity to meet admission deadlines for the coming academic year at a majority of colleges and universities. “I am glad the results are being announced so fast. My son is still able to meet the enrolment deadline at one of the colleges he wanted to get admission. It will save him a whole academic year,” said the father of Zaheer Hasnain, an SSC part II candidate. The September session is open to all candidates allowing them an opportunity to sit for additional subjects as well as for subjects they might have missed in the May examination sessions for any personal reasons, or to improve overall grades or grades in specific subjects. This year, September exams were held in 12 cities across Pakistan as compared to the seven cities last year, serving at least 69 per cent more candidates. “It shows swift growth in the candidature overall which attests the increasing recognition and reach of our certificates every passing year. AKU-EB makes every effort to facilitate its candidates by offering convenient exam schedules and convenient exam centres throughout Pakistan. This is because we want each of our candidates to succeed in achieving their educational goals,” said Karima Kara, the Associate Director, KU-EB.