Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed amazement at Pakistani President Asif Zardari’s mention of Kashmir during his address to the UN General Assembly recently, saying that he had not detailed how Pakistan had taken steps against terrorism. He said this while talking to the press in New Delhi on Thursday. His ridiculous statement feigning surprise at the absolutely just mention of Kashmir by the President at the UN, seeks to ignore the resistance in Kashmir, which is a reaction to both the illegal occupation of the State by brutal Indian forces and to India’s denial of the inherent right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Dr Singh did not mention the Mumbai massacres, but Indian Foreign Secretary Rajan Mathai did the same day, thus showing how callously the Indian government is using a genuine national tragedy to confuse the Kashmir issue. Mr Mathai said that Dr Singh would not come to Pakistan unless progress was made on the Mumbai massacres.

It must not be forgotten that, in addressing the UN General Assembly, Indian Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna accused Pakistan of not handing over Mumbai massacre accused. It must also not be forgotten that India has not handed over evidence against the accused. If India thinks that Pakistan should do its bidding and hand over anyone its government claims is involved in terrorism, it has another thought coming. If it hopes to misuse its already abused claim of victim-hood, to duck the Kashmir issue, it is mistaken. Indian oppression is so acute, and the Kashmiri people’s urge to exercise their right of self-determination so pressing, that the whole world is becoming aware of what is happening in the Valley.

Pakistan must revaluate its whole policy towards India, and reevaluate the thankless task of holding talks with it which only result in progress on issues in which India is interested, without any movement on issues of interest to Pakistan, of which Kashmir is the most notable. The president should disabuse India of the notion that Pakistan will give up championing the cause of Kashmir, just to favour trade with its belligerent neighbour.