LAHORE - Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) has entered into a contract with the Delegation to European Union to Pakistan seeking to train at least 12000 men and women from the vulnerable communities of KPK and FATA region. An official statement has been made by TUSDEC CEO Syed Anwar Ali Pervez to acknowledge the gracious foreign contribution of 3.8 million EUR. He said that TUSDEC will be the implementing organization for the four years programme seeking a sustainable TVET(Technical Vocational education and Training) sector reform in the tribal regions of KPK and FATA. From training the modest tribal communities making them a part of mainstream economy to the need fulfillment of private sector industry for the skilled manpower the programme will be bearing absolute comprehension in its objectives, he further added. According to him globalization has spurred sheer competition in the job markets hugely disparaging the potential for unskilled human resource of Pakistan. As a premier knowledge management company TUSDEC is determined to contribute in developing certified skilled workforce of the country by mitigating the hindrances prevailing in the dissemination of market-oriented vocational trainings. According to another official statement, the programme will be headquartered at Peshawar where a facilitation unit will be setup to steer the entire project.