ISLAMABAD  – Vendors have encroached footpaths in different commercial areas of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, creating problems not only for the pedestrians but also in the smooth flow of traffic.

The shopkeepers and vendors at Karachi Company, Aabpara, Faizabad, Bhara Kahu, Raja Bazaar, Commercial Market, Double Road and adjoining bazaars, have encroached the footpaths.

Shopkeepers display goods on pavements while vendors put up stalls on footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk in the middle of the roads.

Residents complained that crossing the roads was very difficult for them because all footpaths had been covered with illegal encroachments.

Meanwhile, illegally set up wagon and bus terminals in the green belt at Peer Wadhai are posing a security risk.

Land mafia has illegally occupied the greenbelt and built wagon and bus stands on both sides of IJ Principal Road and Peer Wadhai Morr.

The transporters park their wagons, buses and other vehicles in no parking zones in Peer Wadhai and pick up commuters.

The citizens demanded immediate demolition of these illegal bus terminals functioning in greenbelts so that the beauty of greenbelt may return.