Islamabad - Satrang Art Gallery will organize a group exhibition showcasing the artworks by ten well known artists of the country here Wednesday (October 07).

The exhibition titled ‘private mythologies,’ will display the work of the pioneers of the contemporary art movement in the country, including Salima Hashmi, Naazish Ataullah, Afshar Malik, Anwar Saeed, Quddus Mirza, Mansoora Hassan, Noorjehan Bilgrami, Shireen Kamran, Mehr Afroz and Nahid Raza.

This exhibition will be curated by the well known art critic and curator Aasim Akhtar, whereas, Salima Hashmi, artist, art critic, curator and professor, whose artworks are included in this show, will inaugurate the event.

“We are delighted that several of the other esteemed artists in the exhibition will also be present and Satrang Gallery is dedicated to supporting and promoting arts and artisans, particularly young contemporary artists of the country,” the Assistant Curator of the gallery Mamoona Riaz said in a statement.