An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston was forced to make an emergency landing in Syracuse, New York after the pilot suddenly died mid-flight, though the exact nature of the pilot's illness has not been confirmed. The pilot, whose name and age is currently being withheld, was reportedly treated in the air by a flight attendant with a nursing background but all such efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful.

American Airlines says they are "incredibly saddened" by the pilot's passing and are currently focusing on "taking are of the family members and crew," according to ABC News. Cockpit recordings reveal at least one member crew confirming that the captain was "incapacitated," before eventually stating that he has become "unresponsive [and is] not breathing."

The flight, an Airbus A320 which reportedly housed 147 passengers, landed safely in Syracuse shortly after 7 a.m., thanks to the flight's co-pilot. Per a requirement in the United States, all airlines must have two pilots aboard any given flight. "We're certainly well qualified to handle situations like these," a spokesperson tells BBC News. "That's why you've got more than one pilot in a cockpit."

Courtesy Yahoo News