LAHORE - The Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab director general has sought approval from the chief minister to initiate inquiry against Inspector General Prisons over his alleged involvement in corruption of worth millions of rupees, sources said on Monday.

A senior official said that since IG Prison is officer of grade 20 and it is beyond competence of DG ACE to initiate any action against him directly. A request has been forwarded to the chief minister through the additional chief secretary seeking permission in this regard, he added.

A former official of the Punjab Prisons Department, Nazim Shah, accused IG Prisons Mian Farooq Nazir of accepting kickbacks in granting contracts to individuals. In his application he claimed that there were more than 150 government contractors who were supposed to supply edible items to Punjab Prisons through proper channel.

As per Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Rules 2004 on the procurement of worth more than one lac department was bound to advertise the same on website but here rules are being violated. Applicant alleged that bids were invited from the registered contractors but contracts were not awarded rather delaying tactics were used due to unknown reasons.

Ultimately registered contractors started avoiding participation in bidding and IG directly purchased items from unregistered mills and firms on higher rates. The applicant also blamed IG of purchasing edibles three times more than required quantity across the Punjab only to receive more kickbacks.

He claimed that demand of sugar in all jails of Punjab was one lac kg but it was purchased four lacs kg at the price of Rs13 higher than the actual price. Sugar was purchased from a contractor Faiz Manzoor from Multan. Similarly contract of rice supply for year 2012-13 was also not awarded to any contractor and IG clinched a deal with one Shahid Rice dealer Kamonky and purchased 3200 bags of rice, Shah added.

Nazim Shah claimed in his application that rice price in 2011-12 was Rs 74 per kg while the IG paid Rs 108 per kg thus paying Rs 34 per kg higher than actual price.

A milk company was supplying milk at the rate of Rs 55 per liter but this company was refused and another contract was signed with a multinationals company at the rate of Rs 84.78 per liter due to reasons best known to IG Prison, applicant lamented.

During the year 2012-13 contract of flour supply at rate of Rs30.87 kg was cancelled and another contract was awarded against higher price of Rs 32.80 per kg, applicant added. He also disclosed in application that cooking oil was available in market at the rate of Rs160 per kg but it was purchased against price of Rs180 per Kg and it was also substandard oil.

A court of Additional Session judge Jehlum in March 2014 ordered to get the purchased item tested by the food labortary and it was established that all purchased items were of substandard quality.

Applicant prayed in his application that there an inquiry on same charges was started by Chief Minister Inspection Team (CMIT) in December 2013 and CMIT member II, Khalid Ramay had collected all evidences against IG.

CMIT member had completed his 80 per cent task when he sought record from IG but he not only did not provide record but also got the inquiry transferred to Home Department and later the issue was shelved.