When people were fed up with the usual humdrum news, something thrilling surfaced. All factions of Muslim League are to unite under one entity. The news was exciting until the exalted names of the campaigners behind the move were revealed. It turned out that Chaudhries of Gujrat and Zulfiqar Khosa were the moving spirit behind the unification plan. Gen Musharraf would head the party as its chairman. The party name – Muslim League – has had a special affinity for military rulers. Ayub Khan had his own faction and so did Musharraf. While Ayub Khan left his mark in the shape of mega dams like Mangla and Tarbella, and industrialized the country to the envy of neighboring countries, Mush did not bother to leave any such legacy behind. The nation only remembers him for fighting the war on terror that was essentially of his own making.

Of all the other democrats trying to unify various Muslim Leagues under one banner, Zulfiqar Khosa has a unique distinction. He is a sitting senator of a party against whose top men he hurls invectives. Propriety demands he should quit his seat and then indulge in making of a new party. When asked in a TV show why didn’t he resign, he said, ‘why should I when nobody but the people made me the senator’. Which people, Mr Khosa? Who elects senators?


Lahore, September 17.