LONDON - Pakistan military has been ranked as the 11th strongest military in the world, as per a Credit Suisse report on globalisation.

Ranked seven spots after India’s military, the report gives Pakistan a final military strength score of 0.41. Further, the report reveals that Pakistan’s active personnel number stands at 710,000 and has it more weaponry than Germany, Australia, and Canada.

The report ranks the strength of 20 countries according to weaponry, including tanks, aircraft, helicopters and submarines, each country represents.

The US is the world's undisputed leader in terms of military strength.

Russia ranks second, narrowly ahead of China. Japan and India round out the top five. Canada ranks 20. The other Islamic countries who made it to top 20 include Turkey at 10th place, Egypt at 12th spot and Indonesia at 19th. Israel is two spots behind Pakistan at 14th place.

China is ranked as the biggest army in terms of active personnel. The major factor separating the strengths of the armies of different countries has been listed in terms of technological edge in traditional weaponry rather than skill.

The report said: “Our analysis reveals the military superiority of the United States in conventional war capabilities compared to its close rivals. Its fleet of 13,900 aircraft, 920 attack helicopters, 20 aircraft carriers and 72 submarines far outweighs the military might of any of its close rivals and so does its defense spending worth $610 billion in 2014, which is far more than the combined military expenditures of the next nine countries in our index.”

“In reality, in today’s nuclear era, conventional forces are not the only indicator of military strength. Russia and the United States account for more than 90% of global inventories of nuclear weapons according to data provided by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (SIPRI) Yearbook 2015,” it added.