Islamabad - The government is now considering other options after talks of pilots and the management failed to reach any agreement on Monday.

The three demands by PALPA are unacceptable, said a press release issued by Aviation Division, after the meeting of President PALPA (Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association) Capt Amir Hashmi with Aviation Division Senior Joint Secretary Capt Ahmed Latif at Islamabad.

The powerful body of around 440 PIA pilots – PALPA– had resorted to a partial strike to press their demands. They want implementation of their agreement with PIA in latter and spirit.

In order to negotiate their demands with the government a delegation of PALPA is in Islamabad for last two days.

According to Aviation division, way forward was offered to the delegation that a team may be constituted which would formulate future course of action to resolve all pertaining issues within 24-48 hours.

But PALPA President refused to budge and insisted that PALPA’s demands must be met.

The management alleged that pilots are blackmailing the management by refusing to fly planes whereas pilots claim that they are standing for their rights.

Since October first pilots are trying to create media hype by refusing to fly important flights. On October 1, they refused to fly airline chief and today they delayed India bound flight carrying a minor, transplant patient, said a senior official.

He said that due these tactics, which are not only causing problems for passengers but also loss to national exchequer, the government is now planning to settle the issue once for all and considering to either fire 14 pilots, who reported sick just one hour before the flight. These pilots, according to officials, are the main members refusing to fly.

The government is also considering including PIA under essential services, where employees cannot go on strike like Army or other organisation, official disclosed.

The pilots on the other hand, claim that they have been denied of their rights by not implementing the signed service rules.

There are many issues, we are over worked, we have long shifts and there are so many other factors, which are taxing health of pilots, if our demands are not met we would continue our show down, said Riffat Hussain, a senior member of PALPA.

He said it was wrong that the pilots were on strike or blackmailing the government but they want their rights which PIA management has already signed on in 2011.

He said that the PALPA delegation was in Islamabad from last two days, but no PIA official met them and now when they will fly back to Karachi on Tuesday morning future course of action would be planned, but till then the partial strike would continue.