LAHORE: Pakistan ranks among one of those 15 countries where elderly population goes up to 11 million and this figure has tendency to rise up to 43 million by the end of 2050. 

The situation demands for the immediate provision of extensive care and life amenities to the age group crossing the line of 60 years. However, it is unfortunate that veteran citizens lack even the basic rights.

A comprehensive policy drafted by Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CADD) has taken the back seat due to criminal negligence and indifference by those who are at the helm of affairs. Recently, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) sanctioned the law for elderly rights titled, “Senior Citizen Act KP 2014” which has also yet to see the effective implementation. 

Darwaish Foundation President Saif Ullah Darwaish said that older had no access to urgently needed long term care.

As per report 300 million elderly people around the globe are incapacitated in various ways. “Many have lost their mobility and cannot walk, some may have mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer's, while others may need daily assistance to tend to their basic health needs,” he said.

He claimed that the Foundation was making efforts for improving the life of older people in Pakistan and vowed to continue such endeavour with fervour.

He said that after making available a lot of facilities to them from erecting exclusive counters at Railway Station and Bus Stations, a plan was in offing to develop five Dhaba Houses (traditional eating places) at different sites to provide them free meal. Elderly people will manage and run them by themselves. After their success, these Dhaba houses will be replicated in other cities.