LAHORE - Though the electoral contest in NA-122 has turned out to be a two-way fight between the PML-N and the PTI, the PPP is still in the field despite knowing it stands little chance of victory.

Its candidate Barrister Aamir Hassan, however, believes that he will win the election by a wide margin securing over one hundred thousand votes. He is campaigning day and night, holding corner meetings to reach out to his voters in the hope they would vote for him.

About the basis of his victory claim, he said he will be the winner provided the elections are held in a free and fair manner.” I think majority of the voters in the constituency are willing to vote for me if their mandate is not stolen through rigging,” he told The Nation.

When asked about his strong points compared to his rivals in the election race, he said he was the only candidate who is permanently resident in NA-122. “Ayaz Sadiq is from Gulberg (NA-126) and Aleem Khan is from DHA (NA-125),” he claimed.

He said that 60 per cent of registered voters in NA-122 are under 30 and they were going to vote for him since he was the youngest candidate and the most educated.

“They are going to vote for a person who is young, educated and whose leader is also a young man.” It was a reference to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

He was also asked about his weak points compared to his rivals. “I have not enough resources to finance my election campaign like my competitors who are rich. They are spending a lot of money to run their campaign,” he said.

Barrister Aamir claimed that his rivals are exceeding the spending limit and Election Commission should take notice of it. He maintained he was adhering to the prescribed limit of spending: “If I am to become a lawmaker, I don’t want to be a law breaker.”

He was asked if he had done anything worthwhile for the people of his constituency to expect that they would vote for him. “I am not part of the government and don’t have official funds at my disposal to carry out any development work there. But I keep raising their issues in the media”, he said.

He was also asked about the arrangements he would make to bring the voters to the polling stations. “I have raised a team of young people at UC level who would manage this affair on the polling day”.

He was not satisfied with the arrangements being made by the ECP for conduct of polls. “My rivals are violating the code of conduct but the ECP has turned a blind eye to it. I think Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sardar Raza Khan should assert himself and not become another Fakhru Bhai.”

He was alluding to ex-CEC, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim during whose tenure the last general elections were held and it was a general perception that they were rigged.

Meanwhile, PPP candidate has expressed no-confidence over the returning officer who, he said, was not taking action against his rival candidates for violation of elections code of conduct. On Monday, Barrister Aamir called on the returning officer with the proofs showing the code violations by his rivals. But the returning officer sent yet another notice to the PTI and PML-N candidates without taking any solid action.