A: You have been playing that video game for a week now, you don't do anything else. Do you know you were mumbling about experience points and magic swords under your breath last night at dinner. It is like you live in the virtual world and resurface just to eat and sleep. Stop behaving like a ten year old and go out into the real world.

S: I thought being a grown up meant doing whatever I want. Anyway why should I not behave like a ten year old? I took two weeks off work with the sole purpose of realizing and doing nothing in particular, video games are a part of that, they help me unwind. Plus, the in-game story is fantastic, i'm too invested in it to give up now.

A: There is too invested, and then there is something you are doing. You have forgotten the real world in the favor of a virtual one. if you are like this now, what will you be like when virtual reality headsets and motion sensing technology are at their peak? The games will only get more expansive and realistic, and I fear that you'll just play those and feel like you've achieved something.

S: Not that I am going too, but if I was, what would be wrong with that? Monks, fakirs, nuns and so many other such people forsake a social life in favor of an equally virtual life, virtual in the sense that it is based on a fantasy and is divorced from the real world. You admire them, but disprove of a gamer.

A: They do it to lead a spiritual life, to help the community, video gaming is meaningless.

S: Try telling that to the 14 year old who won a Million dollars playing Starcraft.