The scrutiny of the nomination papers of aspiring candidates for local bodies elections has completed in Mandi Bahauddin.

Out of 527 nomination papers filed for chairman and vice chairman union council slots, 490 have been accepted while 37 rejected on various technical grounds.

There are 80 seats for chairmen and vice chairmen and each union council will have six seats for general councilor. A total of 1,392 candidates had filed nomination papers for union council general councilor seats while 1,150 were accepted and 242 rejected.

Similarly, 173 candidates had filed their nomination papers for election of Mandi Bahauddin Municipal Committee general councilor seat; 139 papers were found correct for acceptance while 12 rejected. Phalia MC has 33 general councilor seats for which 89 candidate filed nomination papers out of them 12 were rejected and 87 were accepted. As many as 83 candidates submitted nomination papers against 12 seats of general councilors of Malakwal MC and out of them 79 were accepted and 4 were turned down on technical grounds.

Candidates having reservations over their rejection of papers have right to appeal in appellate court established at Mandi Bahauddin, Phalia and Malakwal till October 6.